Phase 1. Advice

I will create a personalized video gear list based on your specific needs.

We will spend roughly one hour discussing over a video call where we'll go over the following:

  • Understand the type of video content you want to produce
  • Get measurements for the office/room where filming happens
  • Discuss available budget options
  • Explain Base Kits for gear setup levels
  • Customize gear kit and peripherals
  • Share a list of all the products to buy with links
  • If needed share related resources and instructions to setup

Phase 2. Setup

Once all the gear arrives I will help you to get everything ready in perfect order to start recording or streaming your content.

We will spend around 2 hours on a zoom call unfolding the following:

  • Arrange backdrop, desk & angle
  • Configure camera settings for talking head & PC signal
  • Connect camera to PC
  • Position camera angle
  • Setup lights
  • Adjust camera and backdrop based on lights
  • Configure mic and other sound related tech
  • Setup teleprompter
  • Install and run all necessary software
  • Test the setup and final adjustments